BCP General Terms & Conditions


  1. The Business Chatting Program (hereinafter referred to as “BCP”) is the program provided by Chatwork Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “CHATWORK”) to support business chatting, connecting activities between Supplier/Provider and Member/Buyer (hereinafter collectively referred to as Member) via their CHATWORK ID.
  2. These General Terms and Conditions for BCP regulate the registration of a Member who wish to join a part or all activities of BCP.
  3. These Terms and Conditions shall be accepted by the Member at the time of registration and be complied during joining all of activities in BCP.
  4. A Member is a company from anywhere in the world with full legality, identity, functionality and capabilities to do business. (As a Vietnam company, Member (with the person in charge) need to submit Business Registration Certificate photos to help us in verification step).
  5. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the law of Japan.
  6. [Governing law of these Terms and Condisions shall be laws of a single jurisdiction.]CHATWORK shall have the right to make changes to these Terms and Conditions at any time. In the event of any change to these Terms and Conditions, CHATWORK shall notify the Member thereof. If the Member uses BCP or fails to take steps to cancel its registraion within the time specified by CHATWORK after the noticeset forth above, the Member shall be deemd to have agreed to such change to these Terms and Conditions.
  7. With the CHATWORK ID, the Member agrees with CHATWORK terms of use and consent to CHATWORK privacy policy.


  1. The Member shall register before joining the BCP (Vietnamese CompanyJapanese Company  and Others).
  2. Registration shall only be permitted for company having full contractual capacity that plans to join the BCP within the context of their business activities and not activities beyond their business purpose nor activities for personal purpose.
  3. By registering, the Member guarantees that all information provided by him/her is applicable and complete. If the Member’s information changes in any way after the registration process has been completed, the member shall be under the obligation to personally correct said information without delay. Anytime, Member can have direct chat to BCP Coordinator to update information (via [OFFICIAL] group between CHATWORK and the Member; All official communication shall be conducted by the person in charge field to CHATWORK (hereinafter referred to as “PIC”) and CHATWORK shall not bear an obligation to accept any request or inquiry from any person other than PIC.
  4. The Member affirms to only upload information (photos, text, logo…) of the business profile and its products or services that are current and in which the Member is clearly recognizable. The Member shall assume responsibility within the meaning of press and copyright law for public communication of any photos provided by the Member. Provision of photos or illustrations that do not depict the Member shall be prohibited.
  5. CHATWORK shall not undertake any guarantee for the actual identity or truthful representation of a Member. Each Member shall therefore be responsible for determining the truthfulness of the identity of another Member for himself.


  1. BCP provides and adds Members with public and private groups and contact for finding business contacts as well as the use of company search features, public on the media channels or share it to potential partner as a part of BCP Activities, if applicable. Members shall be responsible for their own use of these services. The Member acknowledges that CHATWORK has the authority to publish the Member’s information on https://chatwork.vn/ or other media.
  2. The Member shall have the right to use the services and content offered within the scope of BCP. Any use exceeding this shall require the prior written permission of CHATWORK.
  3. The data and/or information provided by the Member shall only be made available within the scope of BCP to the extent this data and/or information does not violate these Terms and Conditions or any laws and regulations. CHATWORK shall have the right to remove illegal content from the BCP without prior notification.
  4. BCP shall not assume liability for any damage caused by chatting or connecting or resulting from BCP activities / third party service.
  5. The Member shall have access to contact and chat activities services with various applications. CHATWORK shall not participate in chat content and shall not be responsible for whether or not communication takes place. CHATWORK shall not participate in any agreements that are signed via BCP and shall therefore not be considered a contracting partner to those agreements. The Member shall bear sole responsibility for compliance with any agreements signed by him. CHATWORK shall not be liable for the Member’s failure to fulfill any obligations specified in these agreements.


CHATWORK does not assume any responsibility for content, data or information provided by the Members or for content on linked external websites, and all liability in connection with any of the above shall be excluded. In particular, CHATWORK shall not guarantee that this content is applicable, fulfills a specific purpose or could be used for said purpose.


The Member shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations as well as the rights of third parties (including but not limited to intellectual property rights, portrait rights, etc.) when using content and services within the scope of BCP. The Member shall particularly be prohibited from:
a) Using insulting or defamatory content regardless of whether this content affects other Members or other persons or companies.
b) Using content protected under law (e.g., by way of copyright, trademark, patent, design patent or utility model law) without having the right to do so or advertising, offering or selling merchandise or services protected under law, or conducting or encouraging anti-competitive activities.


  1. CHATWORK may, at its own discretion, take appropriate measures if it has reason to assume that a Member has violated any provision of laws and regulations, rights of third parties or the Vietnam – Japan these Terms and Conditions, or if CHATWORK has another justified interest, particularly the protection of other Members from fraudulent activities.
  2. CHATWORK shall also have the right to cancel the Membership of any Member at any time for cause without prior notice; particularly if this Member could or shall make the trouble, noise, cheat others; having illegal activities or make harm to other; an action out of context of BPC.
    CHATWORK may, without prior notification, delete all content uploaded by the Member, issue a cease-and-desist letter or block access to BCP and Business Chatting Directory if the following occurs:

a) The Member fails to comply with any provision of laws and regulations.
b) The Member provides false contact information, particularly a fake or invalid email address, unreasonably bother other, send out useless message (spam).
c) The Member or its representative of officer is involved in criminal prosecution due to their business practices and is causing damage to one or more other Members.
d) The Member violates their contractual obligations as specified in these Terms and Conditions.


Members expressly understand and agree that CHATWORK shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential or exemplary damages, including but not limited to, damages for loss of profits, goodwill or other intangible losses resulting from BCP.