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To successfully register for the Business Chatting Program (BCP) Vietnam – Japan and business cooperation with partners, please follow every step as below instructions:

Step 1: The program only provides by Chatwork platform, so let’s create a Chatwork account for free. Then you could directly chat with us and potential partners. Click here to create an account. If you already have a Chatwork account, skip this step. 

Step 2: Complete the BCP Registration Form below to become an official BCP member. To submit BCP Registration Form, you have to log in to the website, select Company Information. The account on the website is completely separate from the Chatwork account, it is used to manage and edit your company’s online profile at BCP. Using an email/password other than or similar to the Chatwork account is acceptable.

You will be asked to provide the Chatwork account info, so make sure that you have done Step 1.

Step 3: After your successful registration, BCP Coordinator will contact you for working via Chatwork (Chatting, Calling Audio / Video and Sending Documents) to confirm the information with registration and process the matching with your potential partners. Because the content you have filled now needs to be adjusted to comply with general regulations or attract partners. Please make sure that you keep in touch with us via Chatwork.

Note 1: You can download the application and use Chatwork on the following devices, click on the link that you are using to download the appropriate version of Chatwork: App Store or Google Play (iOS, Android); Browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox); Desktop (macOS X, Win 32, Win 64).

Note 2: In case you are unable to successfully perform steps 1 and 2, please contact us for 24/7 support by leaving your contact information here.

***Complete this form means you agreed and comply with terms and conditions of Business Chatting Program. (Terms and conditions:


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