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Last updated demand: March 28th, 2020


Our Demands

Tam Dinh copany specialized in CNG equipment ( PRU station, CNG tanks 20feet, 40 feet, CNG Cylinder. Now, we are PV gas south ‘s distributor in Compress Natural Gas. We also install, repair, maintence & supplying equipments for CNG Station in industrial customer. We also supplying chemical & equipments removal scale in such equipments: heat exchager, boiler, cooling tower, cleaning scale in piping at industrial factories. We supplying cutting tool with wellknow suppliers: Eissen, TTS, Citizen
We looking for partners that have these demands in: Compress natural gas, LPG, in production Removal scale in production line Cutting tools


Company Info

Established: 2006
Nationality: Vietnam
Number of Employees : From 20 to under 200 employees
Sales and Marketing Manager: Mr Đức Dũng
Industry: Others
Our Partners / Our Customers / Our Clients: Pv gas south, CNG Việt nam , DK LOK, NICE LOK, ENK, LINCOLN, Charmgreen, NCH, Ewater, Air Water, Transfer Oil,…

1. History of company
Established in September 2006 , Tam dinh had been contractor specializing in M& E mechanical engineering .
2011: Expanding business line to CNG category- Install, maintence Compress Natural Gas Station at endusers.
2014: Builded factory in Phu Yen production wood pellet & BBQ charcoal.
2016: Developed business line to chemical cleaning method ( NCH, Charmgreen)
2019: Expanding Tam Dinh Ho Chi Minh Branch, focusing chemical & equipment removal scale in such equipment: cooling tower, boiler, heat exchanger, removal scale in piping production line,…
Extension business line to CNG category- supplying CNG Gas
2020: Expanding business line to cutting tool ( Eissen, Nice Cut, TTS, Citizen,..) & Humic water for flower & humic ion copper water.

2. Main product and services
Selling wood pellets
Supplying LPG, CNG. Supplying equipment CNG ( trailer CNG 40feet, 20 feets, cylinder, pressure reduction unit -PRU, and spare parts,…,). Design, Install, Repair, maintenance CNG Station at Customer.
Selling cleaning chemical & equipment to removal scale in production line ( cooling tower, boiler, heat exchanger), cleaning piping systems in production line. ( NCH, Charm green, Ewater).
Other: Selling Cutting tool ( Eissen, Nice cut, Citizen, TTS), Humic water flower, Humic copper Ion water., Humic white charcoal ( BBQ charcoal).

3. Strengths and competitive advantages
Reputation, Quality, Efficency.