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  • Hamlet 3, Tan Binh commune, Cai Lay town, Tien Giang provinceOpen Map
  • MA00.727

Our Demands

We are rice husk firewood manufacturer. We are supplying rice husk firewood to the market. In addition, we aim to provide commonly used ash as fertilizer.


Company Info

Established: 2017
Nationality: Vietnam
Number of Employees : Under 20 employees
Director: Mr. Cong
Industry: Machinery & Industrial Technology (Metal Products, Machine Tools, Woodworking/ Furniture Manufacturing Machinery, Material Handling, Pneumatics, Precision Mechanics Electric & Electronics, Advanced Technology/Materials, Composites…)
Our Partners / Our Customers / Our Clients: Companies that use boiler, garment, food, food ….

1. History of company
Established the company on 4/12/2017. Our company has a factory in Cai Lay District, Tien Giang Province.

2. Main product and services
The main products of our company are: rice husk firewood. Rice husk firewood is a husk pressed into firewood, which is a clean material source. Rice husk firewood is used as fuel fuel to produce high heat for use in boilers, drying products, materials…
We are aiming for organic ash product (burning rice husk fire finished in ash and then ash pressed into blocks).

3. Strengths and competitive advantages
With the aim of making use of clean raw materials as rice husk and creating a sustainable process from rice husk cover > rice husk > ash. (Rice husk from the factory > produce and supply rice husk firewood > recover ash for re-production > ash supply). In order to take advantage of the abundant available local materials, create jobs and contribute to environmental protection.
Our rice husk firewood always gives stable and optimal heat as a clean burning material without causing environmental pollution.
We have skilled staff. The factory can operate 24 hours to meet the production plan.
There are partners providing high quality and high quality rice husk. There are strategic transport partners that can be transported everywhere. We have stable supply chains.
We are a young business that is always willing to accept new challenges that always improve products, production, technology to meet the requirements, standards of customers and always aspire to expand production scale and production. products to create value for users and protect the environment.