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PHE Process Equipment Company Limited

Our Demands

1. Supplier: packaging materials, including plastic beads, plastic blowing cup, resin, catalysts for plastic beads production, high-frequency corrugated plastic caps, ready-made gable top paper boxes, sterile canned paper (brick carton), aluminum foil, tin foil (tin plate)
2. Buyer:
+ The company needs construction supervision services, installation, maintenance, industrial hygiene, relocation, renovation and upgrading.
+ The company needs to buy plate heat exchanger, replace rubber sheet or gasket for plate heat exchangers
+ The company needs to buy pumps, heat pumps, membrane-type chillers (falling film chiller), ice bank, ice-heat solutions.
+ The company needs to invest in processing, filling, packaging, automatic storage systems, automatic cargo handling systems.


Company Info

Established: 2012
Nationality: Vietnam
Number of Employees: Under 20 employees
Sales Manager, Project Coordinator: Mr. Phạm Hiếu Dân
Our Partners / Our Customers / Our Clients:

1.History of company
Found in 2012, everyday we work on specific inquiries originated from differerent demands and different areas that nearly no mass-produced equipment or system can respond all. And the only thing can make is the brain of experienced staffs in PHE Process. We are who connect the technical possibilities into specific designs and solve the matter in full. Our company’s name means solution, method, handling serial coming from the most basic equipment – Plate Heat Exchanger.
Time by time, our solution is not limited by plate heat exchangers only, we do all heat solutions including plate heat exchangers, tubular heat exchangers, falling film chillers and ice banks, heat pumps etc. Because every plant need some heat treatment, a heat exchanger in any form, a mixing system, a pasteurizer, a sterilizer, an evaporator, or a chiller, could be the heart of whole production plant. And from here, we extend our scope of supply with valves, pumps, mixers, homogenizers, separators, decanters, etc. until packaging machines and automatic warehouses to build a complete factory, a distribution center, responding to the expectation of customers – a turn-key contractor, an overall supplier where people can find any technical products they want including packaging material and other consumables e.g. silica gel, activated carbon, compressor oil, food material.
As a result, to each customer, they just need only one overall solution from us for their production and business. Because we want travel with customers in their development, NOT simply a supplier who cares about his profit only, we understand the success of customer is our success. That’s also the reason we need to improve and widen continuously our services from installation, commissioning, training and acceptance, maintenance, industrial cleaning, inspection and repair, relocation and upgrade, until financial solutions for customers’ demand of equipment purchase etc.
We trust with our customized and localized solutions which come from the specific knowledge of our staffs, the specific technical products of our company, every customer has his own optima to reach the defined targets, and the fact is still proving this.

2.Main product and services
Plate heat exchanger, falling film chiller, ice bank, heat pump, centrifugal pump, lobe pump, screw pump, rotary pump, piston pump, pneumatic or manual valve, extractor, separator, homogenizer, deaerator, carbonator, pasteurizer, sterilizer, evaporator, filling machines for various packaging types (cup, bottle, pouch, carton, bag, tray, blister, bag in box), packaging machines (shrink sleeve labeler, rotary labeler, shrink wrapper, WA case packer, palletizer and depalletizer, pallet stretch wrapper, conveyor), smart warehouse and automatic material handling systems (AS/RS, STV, mono-rail, shuttle/orbiter, smart cart/AGV, mobile rack, VCR, HCR, order picking system, special robots, truck loader), silica gel, activated carbon, aluminum foil, tin plate, plastic granule, resin, catalyst, other chemical, food material, installation, commissioning, relocation, upgrade, rebuilding, inspection and repair, industrial cleaning, mechanical manufacture by required design.

3.Strengths and competitive advantages
Having copyright software to proactively design and quote plate heat exchanger equipment, has extensive relationships with more than 300 domestic customers, competitive prices and dedicated services, with a team engineers and technicians have multi-field experience, good workmanship, meeting the diverse needs of customers.