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Our Demands

Suppling PP plastic containers, PP plastic sheets in agricultural industry, food and other industries


Company Info

Established: 2014
Nationality: Vietnam
Number of Employees: From 20 to under 200 employees
Manager: Mr. Viet Anh
Industry: Machinery & Industrial Technology (Metal Products, Machine Tools, Woodworking / Furniture Manufacturing Machinery, Material Handling, Pneumatics, Precision Mechanics Electric & Electronics, Advanced Technology/Materials,Composites…)
Our Partners / Our Customers / Our Clients:

1. History of company
PACCO is a leading brand of PP plastic sheet – Danpla in Vietnam, our products include corrugated plastic sheets, corrugated plastic rolls, plastic sheets, corrugated plastic boxes, totes, recycling bins, multilayer PP sheets. , reusable containers, tree shelters, vine protection, pets, sprinkler bricks, …

2. Main product and services
– PP sheet
– PP Roll Sheet
– Protective PP Sheet
– Agricultural PP Sheet
– Danpla box
– Danla box
– Pallet box
– Animal Transfer Box

3. Strengths and competitive advantages
Moisture-proof, waterproof
Processing is fast, light and compact.
Easy printing, advertising
Various colors
Ensure food hygiene and safety and not react in chemical environment (Acid & Baze)