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Our Demands

Marketing Online. To Advise medium and large enterprises with a minimum budget of 20 million / month / campaign.


Company Info

Established: 2006
Nationality: Vietnam (Office in: Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Philippines, Indonesia)
Number of Employees: More than 200 employees
Director of sale : Mr. Nguyen Viet Duc
Industry: Marketing & Advertising & Public relations (PR) (Advertising, Branding Building, Brand management, Digital Marketing, Market research…)
Our Partners / Our Customers / Our Customers:

1. History of company
NOVAON was founded on July 6, 2006 with the original name of Sao Moi Online Advertising Joint Stock Company. Through 12 years of establishment and development, NOVAON has affirmed its position in Digital field in Southeast Asia.

Organizational structure
Including 4 blocks:

– Ads: Novaon Ads – Regional Digital Agency: Online advertising agency in Southeast Asia

– Adtech: NovaonX – Marketing Platform: Marketing cloud base platform (Including marketing tools such as AutoAds, Autocare, Content,…).

– Global: Novaon Singapore, Novaon Indonesia, Novaon Philippines and some other countries.

– Others: Bookin, Novanet, Digital Export, Cloud.

NOVAON path and achievements
Phase 1 (2006-2009): Digital Orientation:

The task of finding suitable models for development in the field of Digital:

– July 2006: NOVAON established with the first name: Sao Moi online advertising joint stock company.

– 2006-2009: Determining the Internet industry through the process of engaging in dozens of startup projects in the Internet field.

Phase 2 (2010-2015): Focus – Digital marketing Agency:

The mission becomes the leading unit in the selected model: Digital marketing Agency.

– October 2010: NOVAON becomes Google Certified Partner.

– November, 2010: NOVAON established Ho Chi Minh branch.

– June 2012: Established the first Vietnamese context advertising network NOVANET.

– January 2013: NOVAON becomes Premium Partner of Google in Vietnam.

– April 2014: Online travel bookin network established.

– July 2014: Officially established Digital NOVAON Group.

– November 2015, NOVAON established NOVAON INDONESIA and SINGAPORE.

Phase 3 (2016-2020): Long-term aspirations – Regional digital Platform:

Mission: Upgrading organization, Expanding regional markets, Building foundation, sustainable development.


– Novaon Ads becomes the fastest growing Premium Partner in Southeast Asia of Google.

– With the keyword: Go Regional, it marked a strong development of NOVAON in Southeast Asia in 2016.

– Bookin achieved Sao Khue in 2016.


– Established Digital Export, Novaon Cloud.

– Keyword: Global Platform Partner, NOVAON continues to become Authorized Reseller of Alibaba.


– Successfully launched NOVAON AutoAds – The optimal advertising tool set with 3000 customers after 6 months, the premise for the next Adtech products.


– Keyword 2018: Digital Platform.

– Develop and anticipate the Adtech platform on the 12-year-old company’s birthday. The goal is to achieve weekly active Advertisers to use platform.

– Become Accelerator Premium Partner of Google in Indonesia.

2. Main product and services

– Media Optimization

– Performance Marketing.

– Digital Branding

– Social Media

– Adtech Solution

3. Strengths and competitive advantages

– Google’s Premium partner with the largest market share in Southeast Asia

– Facebook’s official Partner.

– 12 years of experience implementing advertising for many businesses, many industries.

– There is adtech tool that supports ad optimization.

– Owning the big data system, supporting targeting the right advertising.