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Manda Asia JSC

Our Demands

We are looking for:

– Supplier of materials for shoe production such as: polish, soles, glue. Requirements: there are diversified sources, quality, negotiable prices.

– About customers, we are looking for

+ The company needs to use shoes and sandals.
+ Distributor (wholesale or retail) selling shoes and sandals.
+ Retail or wholesale shops to sell fashion products (shoes, sandals).
+ Long-term business
+ In addition, we want our customers’ debts to be paid on time.


Company Info

Established: 2016
Nationality: Vietnam
Number of Employees: From 20 to under 20 employees
General Director: Ms. Phuong Nga
Retail/Wholesale Business & Distribution & Franchising
Machinery & Industrial Technology (Metal Products, Machine Tools, Woodworking / Furniture Manufacturing Machinery, Material Handling, Pneumatics, Precision Mechanics Electric & Electronics, Advanced Technology/Materials,Composites…)
Our Partners / Our Customers / Our Clients:

1. History of company
The company was established in October 2016. With many years of experience in the footwear industry.
– With the desire to become the most friendly and favorite brand in the footwear fashion industry in Vietnam.
– Manda Asia Company owns Bejo brand, Hachido wishes to bring customers confidence, comfort, and love when owning quality, stylish and fashionable shoes through the team enthusiastic, sincere, dynamic service staff in creative research and application of technology to create the perfect, support musculoskeletal system, always create softness, smoothness and high quality to customers
Field of business:
-Produce and distribute Bejo brand shoes and sandals in Vietnam market.
-Production, export of shoes and sandals to countries around the world.-Distribute wholesale Bejo products nationwide.
-Provide Bejo products in commercial centers.

2. Main product and services
When it comes to Bejo, we cannot fail to mention products with smooth materials, a variety of designs. One of Bejo’s outstanding products is doll shoes and Sandal shoes. Specifically:
– Doll shoes: there are 2 types of dolls that are adult and baby dolls. With a unique and sophisticated design, we have more than 30 adult models and more than 15 models for babies.
– Sandal shoes are no exception, not only do we produce adult sandal shoes but we also produce baby sandals with more than 30 adult models and more than 15 baby sandal patterns.

3. Strengths and competitive advantages
– Imported materials, manufactured according to modern processes to ensure uniform quality.
– Create the difference and unique for target customers.
– Fashion products are made according to export standards: smooth, soft, competitive price with good quality, originality and personality.
– Diverse products, many models have shown their own personality and protect the health of users.
– Experienced staff many years of processing for international brands.
– Bejo’s difference is that Customers can choose their own style or customers can order products of their own design.
– The difference of brand:
Based on the designs available, customers can create individual accents for the product by selecting the attached accessories or changing the details of the product.
Customers can choose their own skin color, skin type and accessories
In addition, customers can send their own designs to us, we will contact for advice and quote for customers.
Products created to ensure the user’s own style: such as the colors of the motifs, the accessories included.
About customers
Currently, we are trading the brand of the Company in major trade centers in the South and North of Vietnam such as: Aeon Vietnam, Robin, Vincom. In addition, we are Processing goods for Aeon Vietnam
About marketing strategy: Build professional Fanpage, and APPs
Promote advertising through facebook and e-commerce sites: Zalora, Lefair, Alibaba, Z24, Tiki, …