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Herbal Nutrition Care ATD

Our Demands

(1) Export of Cordyceps materials, specifically as follows:

– Product format: Cordyceps cord dried vacuum, or powder form

– Current output: 20 – 50 kg / year. Can increase output as required.

– Current quality criteria:

+ Cordycepin content: highest 25mg / g (compared with natural Cordyceps (6mg / g) and medium (6-8mg / g) in Vietnam). Products are certified by TUV SUD WORLDWIDE in Singapore

+ N (6) – (2-Hydroxyethyl) Adenosine content: 1.5mg / g (this active ingredient is preferred in the supportive cancer treatment).

– Expected EXW price: 3000 $ / kg

– Competitive advantage: unique farming technology in Vietnam gives the highest active content

– Target partners: partners in the pharmaceutical industry, functional foods, or cosmetics.

(2) Joint venture or capital contribution with Japanese partners to cultivate Cordyceps, then export to Japan or make finished products (capsules, water, dry packaging) with Japanese brand and standard

At present, Herbal Nutrition Care ATD is a start-up with 4 members, with an investment of about $ 300,000 and a production scale of up to 50 kg / dry.

Highlights and competitive advantages are semi-solid farming technology which has been researched and developed for more than 10 years (compared to other units in Vietnam, only from 2015 onwards).

However, the company’s limitations are

– Factory facilities are simple

– The farming process is mostly done by the chief engineer and also the shareholder of the company, there is no full and professional staff apparatus.

Looking forward to finding partners to invest in farming and developing domestic and foreign markets.


Company Info

Established: 2016
Nationality: Vietnam
Number of Employees: Under 20 employees
CEO: Ms. /Mrs. Tran Dung (Olivia)
Industry: Agriculture & Forestry & Fishery & Food ( Agriculture, Forestry, Fishery Products,, Food Processing)
Our Partners / Our Customers / Our Clients:

1. History of company
Herbal Nutrition Care ATD Limited was established in 2016; acquiring the technology to culture and produce Cordyceps Militaris exclusively from a member of Technology and Science Department; the technology was researched and developed over nearly 10 years before the acquisition and implementation to commercial production. Majority of Cordyceps Militaris cultivation technologies, including Japan, China, Korea and Vietnam are using rice as the main ingredient in the culture medium. Our technology is including a unique culture media formulation, in particular, a mixture of cereals and fruits that provides best source of protein and nitrogen to support the growth of Cordycep militaris and highest quantity of bio-substance such as Cordycepin and N (6)-(2-Hydroxyethyl) Adenosine. Our quantity of Cordycepin is about 12-25 mg/g; as comparing to 6-8mg/g – Vietnam industrial average.

2. Main product and services
Cordyceps species is a parasitic complex of fungus that is well known in Japan, Korea, China and some Asian countries for centuries due to its medicinal value. Cordycepin is the bioactive substance derived from the caterpillar fungus Cordyceps militaris and has recently become a promising raw material for both pharmaceuticals and cosmetics applications. Cordycepin has been demonstrated to have many pharmacological activities, such as anti-tumor, anti-metastatic, immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory activities. Customer Benefits: including Antioxidant properties, Anti-aging effect on skin, Skin beauty and Care, Anti-inflammatory action, Anti-bacterial activity, Anti-asthma, Anti-diabetic, Immunoregulatory …

3. Strengths and competitive advantages
Our Technology Features & Specifications
In order to improve cordycepin production to a commercial level, a novel proprietary C. militaris strain has been developed under optimized condition. This included a thorough and specific optimization in the culture medium, maximizing production quantity of Cordyceps Militaris fruit-bodies as well as shorting the cultivation process to 45 days since light exposure, that helps reducing labor and product costs.
We are able to achieve the quantity of Cordycepin up to 25mg/; 3 times higher than the Vietnam average rating and 3-5 times higher than the wild-type species.
N (6)-(2-Hydroxyethyl) Adenosine quantity: 1.5mg/g
We have been certified by TUV SUD worldwide (a 150 years global corporation specialising on food, cosmetic, automobile certification ..) on the Cordycepin quantity.