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Last updated demand: March 18th, 2020

Future Spirits Vietnam Co., Ltd.

Our Demands

1. Supplier:
Cooperating with office IT support services that we are providing to customers. Specifically, we are looking for a company that can set up and install equipment like servers and install office and factory networks. In addition, we are also looking for companies that can provide IT equipment (server, VMware, WiFi router (access point), video conferencing system, CCTV, other devices, MS office license, etc.).
2. Buyer:
We are looking for a company to sell or introduce customers to buy Hosting (Rental server) and Cloud services (products of our company and other companies).

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Company Info

Established: 2018
Nationality: Japan
Number of Employees: From 20 to under 200 employees
General Manager: Mr. YUJI NIIOKA
Industry: Information Technology & Telecommunication (Telecommunication, Data Processing, Computer, Optical Instruments, Laser, Office Supplies & Equipment, Office Automation, Media , Audio Visual (Films, Photos), Graphics…)
Our Partners / Our Customers / Our Clients:

1. History of company

Established in April 2018. A joint venture between Future Spirits Co., Ltd. (Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture) and Individual Systems Co., Ltd. (Akashi City, Hyogo Prefecture).

2. Main product and services

IT infrastructure solution business (office IT support, rental server, various cloud services), marketing solution business (website production, company guide video production, consulting)

3. Strengths and competitive advantages

We provide one-stop services from IT infrastructure support in offices and factories to marketing support. We believe that it is uniqueness and strength that we can provide continuous support from the customer’s business start up to the operation phase.

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