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FES Vietnam

Our Demands

FES Vietnam specializes in providing logistics solutions for multi-channel distribution model including online and offline, is the managing unit of e-commerce site We need to find partners who are commercial/ production units who want to sell on channel and link to other sites like Lazada, Shopee, Tiki and Sendo.


Company Info

Established: 2019
Nationality: Vietnam
Number of Employees : From 20 to under 200 employees
Business Solution Director: Mr. Binh Nguyen
Industry: Transportation & Logistics & Packaging (Automobiles, Equipment & Supply for Automotive Services, Bicycles, Motorcycles, Marine, Shipbuilding, Shipping, Port Equipment, Boats, Aerospace & Aviation, Airport Equipment, Rail Traffic & Other Transportation Machinery, Logistics, Warehousing, Packaging (Materials, Machinery & Equipment)…).
Our Partners / Our Customers / Our Clients: Scroll Corporation, Lazada, Shopee, Tiki, Sendo.

1. History of company
FES Vietnam was established in 2018 by ACA Investment Fund and Scroll Group of Japan. With a passion of providing an innovation in supply chain and logistics, FES was established to create a major breakthrough in Vietnamese e-commerce.

2. Main product and services
We specialize in providing solutions for e-commerce logistics in order to optimize not only operations to clients but also out supply chain management.

3. Strengths and competitive advantages
Modern system shows you where your inventory is – every parcel, unit, from the manufacturer to storage to transportation to the store shelf.
Lower operational costs – Integrated EMS helps you getting out of the IT business so you can alternatively focus on your core business decisions.
Ease of use – A combination of simplicity and behavior of user experiences leads to accurate and timely analytics.