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Our Demands

We specialize in the manufacture, sale and processing of all types of nets for the Japanese market (fishing nets, fish farming nets, agricultural insect nets, sun shade nets, construction nets, etc.). We are looking for Japanese companies that want to manufacture and OEM all kinds of nets in Vietnam.


Company Info

Established: 2019
Nationality: Vietnam
Number of Employees : More than 200 employees
Sales Manager: Mr. Liem/ Bui Thanh
Industry: Building & Construction (Architecture, Building Materials, Furniture, Decorations, Sanitation, Air-conditioning, Plumbing, Lighting, Equipment for Public Facility, Urban Development, Building Maintenance, Repair, Cleaning…)
Our Partners / Our Customers / Our Clients: Drape Net North America, Eagle Net,…

1. History of company
Based on nearly 20 years of success in Plastic manufacturing industry, including mosquito nets and PP woven bags (jumbo bags) for the Japanese, European and American markets, in the last three years, we are focusing on exported nets especially insect nets, agricultural nets used in high-tech agriculture.

2. Main product and services
We would like to manufacture of the following products.
– Fishing nets, fish farming nets.
– Agricultural insect nets.
– Sun shade nets.
– Construction nets.
– Multipurpose nets.
– Windproof net
– Bird Netting.
– Rope.

3. Strengths and competitive advantages
– Applying European technology and advanced equipment for production, strictly following Japanese quality and ISO: 9001 management process, Agronew brand net products always focus on the quality and environment.
– Agronew is a co-brand of the Minh Hung Group. Minh Hung Group is in the top 500 fastest growing companies in Vietnam, the top 500 largest private enterprises in Vietnam continuously from 2010-2018; Top 50 prestigious brands in Vietnam and “National Brand” since 2016.