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Established: 2002
Nationality: Vietnam
Number of Employees : More than 200 members
President: Mrs/Ms Trần Thị Thanh Hằng
Industry: Others
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1. History of company
In 2000, the Vietnamese Government enacted new business laws, which really removed many difficulties for the establishment of new business. But it was not until the end of 2001 at the beginning of 2002 that the results of new enterprises were established, in which the composition of private enterprises was the majority.
Around 2001 in the whole country in general and in Ho Chi Minh City in particular, the activities of associations, groups and clubs were insignificant. In Ho Chi Minh City, there are only Ho Chi Minh City Young Business Associations with over 200 members. Meanwhile, the number of newly established enterprises is increasing but they do not have or have enough playground for themselves.
At that time on social events or the Saigon Times Group, the Editorial Board often invited many businesses to attend. Surprised with the crowded and growing number of young entrepreneurs attending, Mr. Vo Nhu Lanh – The Former Editor-in-chief of Saigon Times Group while talking to young entrepreneurs, suggested and was ready to support the idea of ​​establishment. 01 playground club for young entrepreneurs.
Saying that, after 04 weeks on March 27, 2002 at the Blue Ginger restaurant, 2030 Entrepreneur Club officially introduced to the witness of many business people and newspapers. It was a fascinating and attractive idea at the time. Club 2030 is a playground for business owners and senior managers with a very young age as its name suggests.

2. Main product and services
2030 ENTREPRENEURS CLUB is a playground for members to make friends since then share, learn and cooperate with each other in the business, and join hands to share difficulties or problems of the community and society .

3. Strengths and competitive advantages
Youth is naturally associated with “youthful” style.
Young people in the period of integration integration intermingled between the old and the old and want to change the new one better, they need a “bold breakthrough” style.
Young but mature and modest, doing less is fine but must be high quality and “practical”, avoiding following movements and forms.
Everyone, the association also makes any program want to make “wisdom”, if youth 2030 can do it, it is even more commendable.
“Breakthrough Thinking”, “Big Dreams”, “Young Style” is the image of Club Entrepreneur 2030.